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Boutique/Бутик Italon

Interior Boutique/Бутик Italon - 1
Interior Boutique/Бутик Italon - 2
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Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 1
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 2
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 3
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 4
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 5
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 6
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 7
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 8
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 9
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 10
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 11
Interior preview Boutique/Бутик Italon - 12
from 170 070 AMD/m²
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for walls
matte, natural
black, blue, blue, green, light brown, pink

The Italon Boutique tiles turn a room into a luxurious garden, thanks to realistic design, elaboration of details and a variety of drawings, allowing you to embody bright and unusual floral ideas, create accent walls and turn a boring interior into a real masterpiece of modern art.

The main color solutions of Italon Boutique:

  1. Incanto: a classic imitation of a pastel painting with a restrained palette, attracting attention, but not interrupting other design details.
  2. Canvas: a retro look at a floral arrangement in blue tones with small touches that add realism.
  3. Blossom: a unique combination of deep blue and golden floral prints with white contour patterns.
  4. Ninfea: the perfect solution for lofts and vintage style, combining natural patterns and metallic shades.
  5. Tropical: a soft and calm solution in light colors, reminiscent of a drawing with colored pencils.
  6. Las Palmas: a traditional Italian style that is suitable for various interior solutions.

Scope of application:

Floral patterned tiles look great in living areas, including living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and bathrooms, and are also suitable for foyers, boutique hotels, office spaces and beauty salons. The size of 60x120 cm is convenient to install.

Italon Boutique Surface Option:

Presented only with a natural coating that perfectly emphasizes the natural beauty of the collections, avoiding unnecessary glare and distortion.

Advantages of Italon Boutique porcelain stoneware:

  • UV resistance and color uniformity;
  • Use of safe and environmentally friendly materials;
  • Strength, durability and wear resistance;
  • Volumetric effect and visual expansion of space;
  • Resistance to moisture and external influences;
  • No cracks on the surface, even under constant loads.

The Italon Boutique collection is a modern design and high quality, which guarantee the uniqueness and attractiveness of the interior.

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Products from the collection Boutique/Бутик

porcelain stoneware

№ 600010002364
Boutique Tropical 60x120 rett (600010002364)
Boutique Tropical 60x120 rett (600010002364)
60*120 cm
173 010 AMD/m²
№ 600010002365
Boutique Ninfea 60x120 rett (600010002365)
Boutique Ninfea 60x120 rett (600010002365)
60*120 cm
173 820 AMD/m²
№ 600010002366
Boutique Blossom 60x120 rett (600010002366)
Boutique Blossom 60x120 rett (600010002366)
60*120 cm
189 120 AMD/m²
№ 600010002367
Boutique Las Palmas 60x120 rett (600010002367)
Boutique Las Palmas 60x120 rett (600010002367)
60*120 cm
170 070 AMD/m²
№ 600010002368
Boutique Incanto 60x120 rett (600010002368)
Boutique Incanto 60x120 rett (600010002368)
60*120 cm
193 140 AMD/m²
№ 600010002369
Boutique Canvas 60x120 rett (600010002369)
Boutique Canvas 60x120 rett (600010002369)
60*120 cm
196 080 AMD/m²